Slea head.

As we leave Fahan we reach the famous Slea head, here we get the beautiful and panoramic views of the Blasket Islands. A group of seven Islands, the largest and most famous of which is the Great Blasket Island. Here lived a society of people with a culture and society of their own made famous by the many books that were written and are still being written by and about them. The last villagers sadly deserted the Island in 1954.
We can also see from here the famous ‘Sleeping Giant’ (Inis Tuaisceart) and also the stone Calvary gleaming in the sun (sometimes), which is built as a memorial to the many seamen who lost their lives in this treacherous stretch of sea. Included in this are the 297 crew members of the Santa Maria de la Rossa, the flagship of the Spanish Armada, which sank here in a storm on the 21st September 1588.

Slea Head